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Cicada Hua Hin
Duration: 17:00-22:00
1. Hua Hin Night Market
2. Chatsila Night Market
3. Cicada Weekend Night Market (Fri - Sun only)
Price: 2,500 Baht
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Spend your evening in the 3 night markets of Hua Hin. Enjoy the famous Thai street food, local souvenirs, and people watch.

Hua Hin Night Market will fill your senses. It’s home to many street foods. The taste, sight, smell, and sound will make for a truly exotic experience. Thailand is amous for street food and you will find many here. Apart from the food, the shopping itself will intrigue. Expect wide range of goodies from clothes, crafts, beachwear, funky lamps, some Buddhist tokens, and many others.

Chatsila Night Market is adjacent to Hua Hin Night Market. It’s set in a small quarter, surrounded by old wooden houses, rendering it the by-gone era feel which is the coming trend of Hua Hin right now. In the square you can find many clothes and gift shops offer t shirts, postcards, and whatnots. There are interesting galleries on the second floor of the surrounded wooden houses. You can walk around their connected wooden corridors to see the galleries and exhibits showcasing the old days Hua Hin.

Cicada Weekend Night Market showcases art, hand-made crafts, and delicious food. It’s an open-air market that Hua Hin’s artists, traders, and chefs come to join force and show their crafts. You will find many crafts, an art gallery, live music, and beer garden. The choice of food is so abundant that you will probably have a hard time choosing as they all look and smell so good. Live music in the adjacent ground is very nice. And of course during early Thailand summer in March and April the cicadas will be the main concert performers as they will serenade almost every afternoon and evening. It’s a wonderful sound of nature. The market is relatively organized and you will have a delightful time strolling around in nice evening weather. It’s a place that will let you enjoy relaxing time, with good food, art, and music.